Tormek for Commercial Kitchens

Tormek has been making high quality sharpening machines for many years. They are known as a leader in the sharpening industry and have several machines that are capable of bringing razor sharp edges to all types of knives.

While all of their existing machines do a fantastic job of sharpening knives, Tormek have designed the T2 Commercial Knife Sharpening Machine specifically for commercial kitchens and food professionals. In addition to being easy to use the T2 operates cleanly, quietly and effectively - giving you razor sharp knives in as little as 60 seconds. It is a compact unit and stores away easily - ready to give you sharp edges just when you need them.

If your kitchen needs sharp knives on demand the Tormek T2 Commercial Knife Sharpener is the ideal solution.

The T2 machines comes with a fine diamond wheel and composite honing wheel so you'll have everything you need for sharp knives in your kitchen.

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