Tormek T2 Information

Does your kitchen need quality tools to produce quality results?
Keeping knives sharp with whetstones can be time consuming & difficult and knife sharpening services get expensive & are not available on demand.

The award winning Tormek T-2; especially designed for chefs and restaurants in constant need of sharp knives, lets you spend your time on prep while consistently keeping every knife in the kitchen as sharp as new. With over 40 years as a specialist sharpening manufacturer, the Tormek name is known to produce the highest quality in innovative sharpening equipment and the T2 carries a 7 tear warranty* for peace of mind over your investment.

Efficient and easy to use for everyone on the team, the T2 is a reliable essential for any kitchen that depends on always having sharp knives to produce the best results.

*If used in a business that offers professional sharpening services the warranty is 2 years

Sharpen your knives in 60 seconds with Tormek's dedicated commercial electric knife sharpener. The Sharp Shop Australia supplies the Tormek T2 Commercial Knife Sharpener with secure online ordering and nation-wide delivery..


Tormek T2 Round Blade Sharpening Attachment
For sharpening round, rotary cutting blades. Ideal for electric kebab, gyros and souvlaki knives.
Find Tormek T2 machine and round blade bundle HERE

Additional information:

With over 40 years experience in sharpening, Tormek of Sweden has now developed the T-2 as the ultimate solution in guided sharpening with a very small learning curve. This means anyone in your kitchen will be able to sharpen knives quickly - saving time and money on professional services that may not be there exactly when you need them.

The Tormek T2 sharpener is quick and easy to set up and provides professional level results while removing minimal material meaning your knives will also last longer.
T-2 Features & Benefits 
  • Diamond Wheel optimised for knife Sharpening
  • Composite Wheel for final polishing of edge
  • NO RISK of overheating the steel
  • Does not remove more steel than necessary
  • Speedy Sharpening, about a minute is usually enough
  • Adjustable edge angle according to need
  • Silent running
  • 7 year warranty (2 if used in a professional sharpening business)
T-2 details
  • Sturdy handle which makes it easy for you to move the machine when needed.
  • Specially developed Composite Wheel with integrated polish that removes the burr.
  • Fine-grained Diamond Wheel optimised to provide a high level of sharpness and at the same time an efficient steel removal, without removing more steel than necessary.
  • Adjustable edge angle which you can set to suit the type of knife or usage. A larger edge angle gives a stronger, more sustainable edge.
  • Resilient clamp steers the knife both sides, which makes it easy to maintain a constant angle against the grinding wheel.
  • A magnet collects the steel particles.
Made in Sweden