Knife Sharpening Service

The Sharp Shop​ specialises in professional sharpening and repair services for all kinds of knives. We offer onsite knife sharpening in Melbourne, All South Eastern Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and Bass Coast. We happily visit both residential and commercial customers. We also offer our services nation wide via fast turn around mail.

For all knife sharpening enquiries & bookings:
Call Mat on 0402 912 788
or use the email form on our contact us page.

Knife Sharpening Service


We look after your knives
You should always make sure that your knife sharpening service doesn't use a high speed belt grinder or any other equipment that is not made for sharpening knives. Your knives are heat treated to stay hard and sharp for a long time and high speed abrasives heat your knives quickly - especially near the edge where the steel is thin. This can ruin the temper on your knives and if this happens they will go dull very quickly and be more prone to edge rolling.
Our sharpening equipment is low speed, water-cooled and uses non-aggressive abrasives meaning we remove minimal material and pose no risk to the heat treated steel. This ensures both very sharp knives and the longest possible usable lifespan for each knife.

We take your satisfaction seriously
Having your knives sharpened by The Sharp Shop should be an experience. Getting those knives back super sharp is something most people enjoy and we want every customer to feel that change every time we visit.

If the knife doesn't come up to our standard of sharp, we won't charge you
It doesn't happen much, but occasionally we come across a knife that won't sharpen properly. It may be because of the steel or the way the knife has been sharpened before (see above). Whatever the reason is, if we are not happy with the knife's edge you don't pay.

1. The experience 

Having sharp equipment (or not) affects how you feel when you use it. Using tools that have been professionally sharpened do a good job for you make the experience of cooking, creating and working with them easier and much more enjoyable.

2. Safety
Blunt edges can be dangerous. Having them sharpened means they do the job with less forceful effort from you - reducing the risk of losing control over the blade and accidentally injuring yourself or others.

3. Performance & results
Sharper knives & edged tools give cleaner and more precise cuts, reduce the time taken to get the job done and improve the results and presentation of your work.

4. Financial & environmental cost
Sharpening is very cost effective and helps to reduce waste. Rather than discarding blunt or chipped knives and other tools you can have them re-sharpened or repaired from less than 5% of the cost of buying new ones.