Nirey Electric Knife Sharpening Machines Overview

Nirey Electric Knife Sharpening Machines are an excellent choice for professionals and keen amateur cooks. These machines suit applications in commercial kitchens, butchers, food processing environments and home use.
Replacement parts
The belts and carrier wheels on these machines are consumables, so you will get about 100 knife sharpens out of each set of belts and approximately 10-15 belt replacements for each set of carrier wheels. Carrier wheels and belts are both inexpensive and are available in our Nirey Accessories category page. Other replacement parts are available too, making these machines very serviceable - contact us for special order parts.
Choosing a Nirey Sharpening Machine
When considering which machine to purchase, consider which best suits your needs. Here is a quick run down of each machine's user profile:
The Nirey KE3000 Knife Sharpening Machine is a commercial quality machine suitable for a single user. Great for individual butchers, chefs and keen amateur cooks.
The Nirey KE280 Knife Sharpening Machine is a commercial quality machine with upgraded gears and motor - suitable for multiple users in a commercial kitchen or butcher shop.
The Nirey KE500 Knife Sharpening Machine is the ultimate in commercial knife sharpening. It features quieter operation and 2 different interchangeable angle guides to accommodate different types of knives.

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