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Whetstone Sharpening System 400 & 1000 Grit

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This is a handy whetstone knife sharpening kit for anyone who wants to get started in whetstone sharpening, or needs to replace multiple parts of an existing chef's kit.

The combination 400/1000 grit whetstone gives you two ideal grits for maintaining sharp edges on your knives. The 400 grit side will remove material and sharpen dull knives while the 1000 grit side refines, polishes and hones your knife edges for excellent sharpness.

The kit includes:
1 x combination 400/1000 grit sharpening stone
2 x sharpening guides to help you find the ideal angle for large and small knives
1 x whetstone repair tool to flatten and level your whetstone
1 x convenient non slip holder