Sharp knives in 60 seconds - why the Tormek T2 is a game changer for commercial kitchens

Sharpening knives is a different experience for different people. To some the process is cathartic and relaxing and to others it’s a pain in the neck that can’t be over quickly enough. Either way for professional chefs, restaurant owners and serious cooks knife sharpening takes time to get done right with whetstones or risks knife damage and excess wear on high speed sharpening equipment.

That’s where the Tormek T2 Commercial Knife Sharpener comes in.

Tormek of Sweden have been at the forefront of sharpening machines for years. As a matter of fact, if you’ve ever used a knife sharpening service there’s a very good chance the professional you hired uses Tormek equipment. The T2 is the first machine Tormek have made that’s wholly dedicated to sharpening knives. It does an excellent job too. Here’s why you need one if consistently sharp knives is important to you.

The price
The Tormek is actually quite reasonably priced for a piece of commercial machinery.

It’s always there

Anyone can use it